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Expert Pallet Photography Services Near Jacksonville


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Why Choose Pallet Photography Services?

Our prefabricated pallets have a brand new look and feel to them, making them PERFECT for photography sessions! This may include graduations, weddings, and special moments to remember with your family and friends!

“Pallet photography” as we’ve coined it, is a trendy way to showcase a different, unique style of your own that really sticks out!

*The cost to import these specific oak wood pallets varies by region

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Schedule A Delivery

We schedule the delivery of these pallets to your home or venue. The pallets will come wrapped in a moving blanket or shrink wrap to protect them from any adverse weather conditions.

Bring it Back After Session

Since we understand that most people will not need these pallets after the photo session is over, you can ship them back to us for a partial refund. *Refund depends on pallet quantity and condition.


You May Keep It Pallets

However, if you want to KEEP the pallets for future photo sessions, woodworking or even shipping purposes you may do so. In many cases it will be more convenient to give them to a friend or sell them to a local business.

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