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Bringing The Craftsmanship Out To You

We are bringing you the craftsmanship of woodworkers, carpenters, and artists from all over the country! We create tables, chairs, benches, clocks, and other wooden objects out of pallet wood, wooden reels, and other wooden objects. If you don’t see anything mentioned below, send us a note and we’ll get you a price from one of our collaborating partners! These objects are created with a love of woodworking and to satisfy the desire for individuality and originality. This material is simply not available anywhere else! 

If you are an artist, please contact us to get involved!

Pieces Are Made Diligently And Carefully

These are entirely handcrafted items! Every piece was painstakingly crafted by some of the most inventive woodworkers the United States has to offer! These are impossible to find in stores! These are exclusive made-to-order objects, fashioned by hand, and no parts are ever made by machine!

If you are an artist, please send us a message to get involved!


Much time and precision are put into such craftsmanship. We at Pallets Plus desire to see more uniqueness in the world, and it doesn’t get much better than artists creating usable objects in their own minds, followed by their own hands! Truly amazing! Have a look, get inspired, and place an order or request today!!

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