Making Custom Pallets

Custom pallets for irregularly sized goods necessitate a high level of care and precision. Because the requirements for each irregularly sized product are different, it is strongly advised that you consult with your pallet manufacturer to find the pallet that best suits your products.

Making Custom Pallets for Irregularly Shaped Goods

Pallets Plus of Jacksonville has compiled a list of factors to consider when creating custom pallets for your company.

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Challenges for making custom pallets for unusually shaped items

Product measurements

Precision product measurements are critical when making custom pallets in Jacksonville for goods. These data are used to determine the dimensions of your pallets. The better your pallet fits your product, the fewer complications you may encounter during transit. The risk to transport personnel from erroneous product measurements is one issue that could develop if your products wind up protruding out from your pallet. Taking the correct dimensions also protects you from wasting valuable pallet space. Saving extra space adds up, and you’ll be able to put more pallets onto transport vehicles further down the supply chain, saving money all the way through.

The product’s weight

It is crucial to know how weighty your things will be in addition to how much space they will take up. The more durable the lumber for your custom-made pallets, the heavier your merchandise. If the timber used to make the pallet cannot sustain the weight of your merchandise, it is more likely to break on the forklift. This can cause stock damage or cause the forklift to tip, resulting in an accident. Heavy-weighted pallets are ideal for large products and allow you to carry them safely due to their sturdy design that supports bigger products.

Real-world Examples

Consider how your products will be moved across the supply chain. In which direction will they be put onto trucks? How will forklifts transport your goods? Are there any steps of the transport process that need the use of pallets in a specific configuration? Knowing the answers to these practical scenarios aids in designing your custom pallets since manufacturers can arrange the pallets to best suit their future use. The configuration comprises making forklift tine holes to make the procedure of shifting your merchandise between cars as easy as feasible.

Product positioning

Consultation with your pallet manufacturer can assist you in creating the unique pallet that is most suited to your products. By inspecting your merchandise, pallet makers will be able to see how your goods will sit on the pallet. Pallet makers will be able to establish how near the boards on your pallet need to be using this short amount of information. Smaller products will require your boards to be hauled in close to prevent them from dropping through the gaps. Pallets for larger products, on the other hand, can have the boards spaced out a little more, which utilizes less timber and saves you money in the long run!

Pallets Plus of Jacksonville provides custom pallets made from fresh or recycled wood. We take the time to discuss with our clients about our product offerings so that you understand all of your options. This conversation serves as the foundation for creating custom pallets that perfectly fit your items.

If you need Making custom pallets for exporting your items, our staff can heat-treat them for you. This procedure removes any bugs from the wood, allowing your items to spend less time in quarantine. Contact us today to find out more about the custom pallets that are best suited to your items.