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Pallets Plus Of Jacksonville Is The Ultimate Resource For Custom Pallets in kansas City

Pallets Plus of Jacksonville is a logistics company, hauling pallets as well as manufacturing pallets and recycling pallets. The company was founded by Joshua Ransom, entrepreneur. Pallets Plus became of it’s own when the owner realized that there is a high demand in every town for pallet removal and delivery. Businesses save a lot of their money when buying “like-new” pallets instead of new pallets. So Pallets Plus was created to help raise awareness, connect businesses and satisfy this growing demand!

Vai TanimVai Tanim
18:47 10 Sep 23
very responsive and enjoyable to work with. The entire process was awesome. I will 100% be buying services from them again, and I highly recommend their services.
a Dunga Dung
20:37 05 Aug 23
sarah ñañezsarah ñañez
01:10 03 Jun 23
Recommended pallet company!
Mary DiazMary Diaz
21:49 02 Jun 23
I didn't actually order any pallets, but I was impressed by how kind and knowledgeable Jay was.
Mayren MorenoMayren Moreno
21:31 02 Jun 23
Highly recommended service and friendly
Luis BritoLuis Brito
23:52 09 May 23
I will recommend! Easy to do business with!
Vicmar PiñaVicmar Piña
23:49 09 May 23
Jay is great thank you 🙂

Arts And Crafts Pallets Canada Imported


We have many sizes of used pallets in our inventory, and we can build all of the sizes that are not in our inventory! We provide Jacksonville Florida with affordable wooden pallets and solutions!

Arts And Crafts Pallets Canada Imported


We will deliver pallets to your home, office, or private residence, for woodworking, bonfires, or arts and crafts. Get Custom Pallets in Jacksonville with ease.
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Pallets Plus will deliver pallets to you, but we’ll remove (applicable) pallets from your facility, also. The cost is $1 per pallet for removal. We got you covered with Pallets in Jacksonville!

Joshua Ransom


Josh Ransom is an entrepreneur and businessman, specializing in broker services. Mr. Ransom is on an obsessive quest to learn the needs of local businesses and to create systems that connect these businesses, each fulfilling a need for the other. This creates waves of savings and power to participating communities.

“If you want to save some money, one way is to find the guy that is getting rid of the thing you need, or you hire the guy to find that guy.”
– Joshua Ransom